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Loooooooove. Yooooooooou. Meeeeeeeeeee.

lmfao!love you more!->me

if you're not cmr then read this message:
Yeah, this is our journal. Fuck off. :[ I don't like you.

Hi I'm a 73 year old man called Odorf. I enjoy long walks on the beach and poetry. I'm also a compulsive liar. The end. :[
My friend is called Puberty. She's 58 years old and we're planning to run off and get hitched in Vegas, and then have as many children as possible. We're aiming for about five, but more would be nice. Once again, I am a compulsive liar. You should NEVER ignore just about everything I say.

On to the more serious part of the 'bio'... we hate all fat pigs. *coughj&bcough* Yes that was me trying to be serious. Hahahaha, what a joke.

On to the real bio:This is the journal of two retarted girls;Lea and Cemre.Lea is the creative/abiliated one[she is the one who is doing all these cool stuff]Cemre usually corrects the stuff here ;) and Lea is definetely the funny one. But you really should ignore everything she says because she has some kind of disorder or something, because she just can't stop lying! She's a frucking moron.[of course Lea wrote the last two sentences,yes she lies;she isnt a fucking moron neither she has some kind of a disorder]

Shut the fuck up I am not creative, and I didn't do this whole layout dillio. You did. I'm not funny either.
YOU ARE,stop it!Look at your works before you open your mouth lady! And I didnt touch any of these stuff,I'm the html stupid,remember?
No, actually I don't [remember].

Cemre is the smart/funny/cool/popular/kind/stalker one. She stalks me. She's smart too. A smart stalker, what more could you want?!
[See,Lea lied on the last paragraph]
What? You're not stalking me? I thought you were. If that wasn't you I saw hovering around my window last night...then who?!

Disclaimer I guess?: Neither blackonwhite nor refill have any brains. They are just two little schoolgirls with nothing better to do than make fun of fat kids and Elijah Wood. One of them is horny constantly (:P), the other one is really weird and is obsessed with a couple of things (one of them being Elijah Wood). Can you spot the difference? Neither can we.
Wait...that wasn't a disclaimer. Uh...*leaves*

And our cursor...it's from like here:

*icq*, 7up, :-*, anti-fat kids, anti-j&b, avrul lavigsdsdlfjsldfjsf, bad music, being emo sucks, black, blink 182, boo, boo boo kitty fuck, boo the band, boo!, boo! the band, brand new, break, breaking, breaking benjamin, breaking up, britnay spurs, casper de vries, cemre, chris kattan, cmr, cold, cookies, cool obsessions, crap music, crying, dieing, dream, eating, editing, elijah wood, fat kids, films, finch, finding nemo, fokofpolisiekar, forever, fpatpf, giving up, glass, goldfinger, good music, great music, hair, hidden messages, i don't know, i don't know anymore, i give up, i love you, i still don't know, i still love you, icons, icq, ily, incubus, inflammable stuff, jeremiah rangel, joe hahn, koos kombuis, korn, lame obsessions, laughing, lea, linkin park, lmfao!!!, local music, love, lying, mad tv, madtv, make me bad, making fun of stuff, matt lovato, mest, money, movies, mp3s, muse, music, new world inside, not enough interests, not kelis, not me, not pink, not that milkshake song, parktown prawns, perez, phobias, pictures, pink, plug in baby, potc, rain, random crap, really great music, samples, saturday night live, screaming, sebamed, sebamed online, seventy times 7, seventy times seven, shampoos, sigh, sinch, slash, snl, snow, something corporate, south africa, south park, spam, spamming, spamming communities, spiders, squishy toys, stay with me, stuff, stupid obsessions, sunburn, take your time, that thing you do, there is, toys, turkey, unintended, us, vanilla coke, warnings, wasting my time, we are, weird obsessions, where is the love?, you