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fav. feel good song:"All My Best Friends Are Metalheads" -- Less Than Jake
fav. upbeat song:"Greatest Day" -- Bowling For Soup
fav. cruising song:"The Taste Of Ink" -- The Used
fav. love song:[cover] "I Think I Love You" -- Less Than Jake
fav. guilty pleasure song:"P.I.M.P" -- 50 Cent
fav. tribute song:?
fav. song to fall asleep to:Just about anything by Simple Plan
fav. song from a musical:Anything out of Cats
fav. song from a movie:"The One" -- Foo Fighters
fav. disney song:The Dalmation song I think
fav. song to dance to:"Satisfaction" -- Benny Bennasi
fav. song lyric-wise:ANYTHING by Brand New

music survey brought to you by BZOINK!

The Generic Teenager Stereotype
Do you drink [alcohol]?:Not really
Do you party a lot? How often?:Very very rarely
Do you use drugs for recreational purposes?:NO
How often do you use the word like in an average hour?:A lot
Do you skip classes? How often?:Yes. A couple of times a month?
Do you have casual sex? Protected?:No and no
Do you steal?:Not really
Do you wear inappropriate clothing?:No
Do you drool over celebrities?:Yes
Do you watch a lot of TV?:Sometimes
Do you ever watch the News?:Yeah
Do you even care about world issues?:Some of them.
Do you read books often?:Yes. But they're all gay books
Are you failing a lot of your classes?:Nope
Do you spend most of your time with your friends?:Yes
Do you smoke cigarettes?:NO
Do you hang out a lot in malls, or at Seven Elevens?:*blush* Yeah...
Do you often find yourself with a crush on someone?:Not lately
Do you cuss a lot?:Yes
Are you desperate to fit in?:Nah
Are you intelligent?:Maybe
The Goth Stereotype
Black lipstick?:No
Black eyeliner?:I hate eyeliner.
Black eyeshadow?:No
Black trenchcoat?:No
Black boots?:No
Black fishnets?:No
Black nail polish?:Sometimes
Heavy metal music?:Yes
Marilyn Manson?:Yes
Cradle of Filth?:Nah
Constant frown and perpetual angst?:Maybe
Do you like to be seen as:As what?
Are you an intellectual?:Probably not
An atheist?:No
Horrible home life?:Not horrible
Hopelessly depressed?:Nah
Suffering with suicidal idealations?:Nah
The Punk Stereotype
Plaid?:Is sexy
Big black boots?:No
Mohawk?:Is hawt on boys
Excessive piercings? [Especially facial]:I want it
Loud, confident and opinionated?:Yes, yes, yes
Wild hair colors?:No
Well versed on political scandals and outrages?:No
A:B, C. I know my alphabet! ;)
The Jock Sterotype
What's your IQ?:I have no idea, lol
Do you watch a lot of sports?:Yes
Play a lot of sports?:NO
Talk a lot about sports?:On some days
Do you do anything, really, but think about sports?:YES
Are you arrogant?:Yes
Are you a male or female whore?:Female
Are you homophobic?:No
Do you tease other people a lot because you want to seem confident?:Probably
But really you're a quivering mass of insecurity?:Yeah
Boobs = yes?:Well I don't want to look at them, thank you.
Parties = yes?:Uh...they're cool but not really my scene
Dropping out of high school and flipping burgers = yes?:NOOO
The Girl Stereotype
Do you spend a lot of time on your appearence?:Yes
Have you ever been on a diet?:No
How much did you lose?:n/a
Was it not so much a diet as it was an eating disorder?:...
Make yourself throw up?:...no...
Make-up?:Is cool
Low-cut tops?:Sometimes
How big are your boobies? [Cup size]:Ehh...I can't remember
Do you flip your hair when you talk, even if you don't realize it?:I don't think so
Giggle a lot?:Yes-ish
What's the deal with boys?:I dunno
Thongs?:Cool. I mean torture.
Pretty bras?:Pretty
YM, Teen, Cosmo, et al?:Huh?
Who's the weaker sex?:Female
Are you a feminist?:I don't think so
Do you think Brad Pitt is hot?:He used to be a lot better
How often do you shave your legs?:Just about every second day
How about your armpits?:Just about every day
Are you emotional?:Yes
Especially when on your period?:YES
This Or That [Oh, that old coconut.]
Originality or Acceptance?:Originality
Independence or Companionship?:Companionship
Stability or Freedom?:Freedom
Personal or Interpersonal?:Personal
Introvert or Extrovert?:Extroert
Popularity or Isolation?:Popularity
Unique or Loved?:Unique
Understood or Individual?:Individual
You or Them?:Me

How Stereotypical You Are... brought to you by BZOINK!

What comes to mind when you hear..
..snow?:black hat
..tornado?:a house crumbling
..summer love?:dissapointment
..Juan?:Rammstein and summer nights
..New Found Glory?:It Never Snows In Florida
..placebo?:Soulmates Never Die
..orange juice?:Kenan & Kel
..candid camera?:Justin
..sex?:sex on the beach
..baby?:the skin under your nails
..the end?:storybook

The Survey Where You Say The First Word That Comes To Mind. Yay. brought to you by BZOINK!

Band VS. Band
Good Charlotte or Sum41:GC
Brand New or Dashboard Confessional:BN
Vendetta Red or CKY:CKY
Blink-182 or Box Car Racer:Both
Green Day or Rancid:Rancid
Story of the Year or Coheed and Cambria:Story of the Year
Mest or Simple Plan:Mest
Minor Threat or H2O:H2O
Social Distortion or The Clash:Social Distortion
Actor VS. Actor
Johnny Depp or Mel Gibson:Johnny Depp
Orlando Bloom or Elijah Wood:Ehhhhhhh...BOTH
Dominic Monoghan or Billy Boyd:Billy Boyd
Ashton Kutcher or Josh Hartnett:Ashton Kutcher
Matt Damon or Ben Affleck:Matt Damon
Actress VS. Actress
Hilary Duff or Amanda Bynes:>:( Amanda Bynes
Julia Stiles or Kirsten Dunst:Kirsten Dunst
Keira Knightley or Natalie Portman:Keira Knightley
Jennifer Aniston or Courtney Cox-Arquette:Jennifer Aniston
Cameron Diaz or Lucy Liu:Cameron Diaz
Uma Thurman or Drew Barrymore:Drew Barrymore
Rapper VS. Rapper
Ludacris or Eminem:Both
Tupac or Biggie Smalls (aka Notorious BIG):Neither
Jay-Z or 50 Cent:Fiddy Cent yo
Outkast or B2K:B2K!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Singer VS. Singer
Christina Aguilera or Britney Spears:Britney
Beyonce or Ashanti:Beyonce
Michelle Branch or Vanessa Carlton:Michelle Branch
Fefe Dobson or Avril Lavigne (PICK FEFE CUZ AVRILS A POSER!):Fefe Dobson
Raven Symone or Hilary Duff:Who's Raven?
Clay Aiken or Justin Timberlake:Justin Timberlake
TV Show VS. TV Show
That 70's Show or Everwood:That 70's Show
7th Heaven or Smallville:Smallville
The OC or One Tree Hill:I dunno either
Viva La Bam or Punk'D:I only know Punk'D. But VLB has Bam Margera in it. So Viva La Bam. :D
Saturday Night Live or MadTV:Saturday Night Live
Lizzie McGuire or That's So Raven:I've only seen Lizzie McGuire, but neither
The Osbournes or The Newlyweds:I only know Osbournes, plus I don't like Jessica Simpson or Nick Lachey.
Real World or Road Rules:NEITHER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Magzine VS. Magazine
YM or J-14:?????
Seventeen or CosmoGirl:?????
Bop or TigerBeat:?????
Alternative Press or Guitar World:BOTH ARE SO FUCKING AWESOME.
Animal VS. Animal
Dogs or Cats:Both
Fish or Birds:Fish
Insects or Spiders:Both
Snakes or Turtles:Both
Horses or Llamas:BOTH
Pigs or Cows:Cows
Food VS. Food
Pie or Cake:Both
Chips or Crackers:Chips
Hamburgers or Hotdogs (Vegeburgers and Vegedogs for vegetarians!):Both
Candy or Cookies:Both
Fruit or Veggies:Both
Popcorn or Nachos:Popcorn
Electronic VS. Electronic
TV or Computer:Computer
Radio or CD Player:Radio
Digital Camera or Camcorder:Both. Maybe Camcorder in Digi Camera?
Scanner or Webcam:I only have a scanner. :(
Drink VS. Drink
Dr. Pepper or Mr. Pibb:Don't know one of them
Sprite or Sierra Mist:Only know Sprite
Coca Cola or Pepsi:COCA COLA
Diet Coke or Regular Coke:Regular
Mountain Dew Code Red or Mountain Dew Live Wire:Don't know one of them
Orange Juice or Apple Juice:Apple
Grape Juice or Cranberry Juice:Grape
Kool-Aid or Soda:I don't know Kool-Aid
Sport VS. Sport
Baseball or Basketball:Baseball
Football or Soccer:Soccer
Snowboarding or Skateboarding:Skateboarding
Tennis or Swimming:Neither
Random VS. Random
Hot or Cold:Cold
Thumb-tack or Safety Pin:Both
Snow or Rain:Rain
Car or Airplane:Airplane
Singing or Instrument:Instrument
Show or Movie:Movie
Book or TV:Both
Snail Mail or Email:Email
WalMart or Target:Don't know them
Punk or Prep:Punk
Play the Sport or Watch the Sport:Watch
In-person or Phone:Phone
Half Empty or Half Full:Half Full
Glass or Cardboard:Glass
Rocks or Pebbles:Pebbles
Comedy or Horror:Both
Color or Black and White:Color
Old or New:Both
Poop or Dookie:Eh
Piercing or Tattoo:Piercing
Now I must ask: Are you glad the test is over or Do you want more questions:Glad it's over.

BIG This VS. That Quiz (105 Questions) brought to you by BZOINK!

All about YOU!!
fave Food::Kiwi Fruit/Watermelon
fave Drink::7up, Sprite Zero, Vanilla Coke, Coke
fave Animal::Anything
fave Colour::Black, blue
fave video game::Half Life
fave item of clothing::Belts
fave tv show:Anything coolio
Fave shop::Look & Listen
Fave hobby::Computers

Quizeeh!! XD brought to you by BZOINK!

pink or blue?:both
green or yellow?:both
purple or eggs?:purple
jen or greg?:greg

singer4god42824's Untitled brought to you by BZOINK!

Are you still in high school?:Yes
If yes, do you like it? Why (not)?:Yes and no. Yes because all my friends are there and we get into trouble together, and no because I'm always in trouble and I don't like how the school's all about spirit etc.
Do you have many friends?:Yes-ish
Do you have any one that you feel you could tell anything to?:No
Do you like someone at your school?:Yes
What's your favorite subject?:English
What's the worst thing someone did to you?:Told a loads of my friends that they shouldn't hang out with me because I'm going to go to hell
What's the nicest thing someone did for you?:Told me that they love me
Do you like most people at your school?:Nah
Do you eat cafeteria lunches?:NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Do you do any extracurricular activies? What?:Nah
Do you play any school sports?:I've stopped
Year of graduation::Uhm...2008, I think?
Favorite teacher::Mrs. Wiid
Describe what you like/don't like about school.:I like how the students stand together, like when we strike. I don't like how everyone are preps or jocks.

damnworld's Untitled brought to you by BZOINK!

Would you rather be a flamingo or a beetroot? Explain.:Flamingo. Because they're pink
Have you ever eaten anything when it was still alive?:NO
If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?:With you.
Write a random word. Just for fun.:natural
Your favourite song is...:[At this moment] "Jude Law and a Semester Abroad" -- Brand New
You have four children. Two are girls, two are boys. What are they called?:Bridget and Aimee, Zach and Mike
Dance on my head. What dance are you doing?:The Twist
Pick one: moose, cabbage, antelope, wardrobe, kipper. Explain your choice.:Moose. Moose = Canadian. Canadian = Simple Plan. Simple Plan = <3.
If you marry Elton John, he'll give you 2 million pounds. Would you do it?:HELL YEAH
You must stay married to him for a year to get the cash. Now would you?:HELL YEAH
Would you rather run down the street naked, or be eaten by porcupines?:Well I'd walk down the street naked for the fun of it. :P
I love you. Do you love me too?:Of course!
How old do you want to be when you die?:Young enough that I can still walk and not be in any pain.
Name someone famous you would like to skewer with a tooth pick.:Hilary Duff
Tell me your biggest secret. Right now.:Broken down in my bedroom, stuttering to pictures of you.

gleechumber's Untitled brought to you by BZOINK!

give your honest opinons of the following bands/singers... .
britney spears:i don't like her, but i look up to her
foo fighters:cool
good charlotte:cool
avril lavigne:die please
simple plan:cool
eve 6:...
christina aguilera:die please
red hot chilli peppers:cool
alicia keys:no
nelly:only when i'm feeling stoopid
kelly clarkson:die please
system of a down:cool
the beatles:cool
the distillers:cool
blink 182:cool
delta goodrem:eh?

honest opinions brought to you by BZOINK!

What do you think of the members? some are old drummers
Joel:Uh. He was cooler.
Benji:He was cooler back when too.
Paul:HE'S THE BEST FUCKING GUY EVER. (not that i've met him or anything)
Billy:He's cool too. But I kinda liked him a bit more back when he wasn't all 'I hate myself'
Chris:OOOOOOH he's fucking rad. (not that i've met him or anything)
Dusty:FUCKING KICKASS! (never met)
Aaron:I never liked him, but I guess he was alright.
Song:"Wondering" or "Christmas By The Phone"
Album:Good Charlotte
Member:Paul and Chris
Drummer:Chris and Dusty
quote:Uhh...the one where they go on and on about this weird kid following them around on tour (talking about Benji)
video:Motivation Proclamation
Joel's so Ghetto..:indeed. it sucks. :(
Benji's so hardcore..:oh god he wishes
Lyrics - fav part of each song
The Anthem:Tony. Sigh. I can't remember the lyrics.
Life STyles of the RIch and Famous:THE BASS assdfsd
Wondering:"If you want me to wait, I would wait for you" or whatever it says
STory of my Old man:Sigh. I can't remember the lyrics.
Boys and Girls:"Girls don't like boys"
Bloody Valentine:the whole song owns
Hold On:"Hold on when you feel like letting go"
Riot Girl:"She hates you Britney so you better up and cover" or however it goes
Say Anything:The beginning... where it's something about a phone? Sigh. I can't remember the lyrics.
Day that I Die:Sigh. I can't remember the lyrics.
Young and Hopeless:Sigh. I can't remember the lyrics.
Movin' On:Sigh. I can't remember the lyrics.
LIttlE things:"The little things are what breaks us" or whatever
East Coast Anthem:Sigh. I can't remember the lyrics.
Complicated:"Is it me or is dad an obligation to care?" or whatever
Seasons:The part about talking too fast and whatnot
I don't wanna stop:Sigh. I can't remember the lyrics.
I heard you:The whole 'she's got a boyfriend now' deal
Walk By:Uhh...the part about the boys staring? Sigh. I can't remember the lyrics.
Let Me go:Isn't there a Reset song with the same name? Sigh. I can't remember the lyrics.
Thank you Mom:MAMA's BOYS
Christmas By the PHone:EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! BASS
Put Your hand on my shoulder:EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!
Superman Can't Walk:BASS. Joel's voice
Gravity Girl:NOTHING
Overcome:Sigh. I can't remember the lyrics.
Time After Time:Most things. Sigh. I can't remember the lyrics.

Good Charlotte! brought to you by BZOINK!
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