December 21st, 2003


i have been looking at styles all day and i didnt even like one....the problem is that i dont know what i want.i want something melancholic,and something black on white ;) something like my current,i like the idea of my current a lot,chazs thoughts fit me but still i want to change complicated.
i also should find something logical for my know the comment thing,info thing,etc.i may use a paragraf from my old stories :p
and i actually did use one.i planned a layout for my GJ[you know its password,i havent changed it]can you look at it and tell me your opinions?

i want to use something purple.i love the song rüya by mor ve ötesi[mor means purple in turkish] i love the combination of grey and light purple.hmph dunno...i want kewl icons also.i want to find kewl pix for kewl downloading photoshop right now,i want to make kewl icons.and i want everyday icons,not just lp icons.

and im mad at mom.she has been bitching a lot lately.i couldnt speak properly with you because of her.grr.

okay enough.

i just posted it in my own journal.i always do the same mistake.daamn me.
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    im singing rüya...ill post its lyrics after this post

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rüya by mor ve ötesi

something's burning in my head
restless days and nights, they never end
with every word unspoken i fade away
though that's not your fault, it's me who has no excuse

my dream is gone and i'm undone

each time i see your eyes i just feel guilty
of loving you this way, though i'm not hopeless yet
my soul is shadowed by your magic smile
i tried so hard to reach you but i failed

my dream is gone and i'm undone

his voice aint that good but the melody and the lyrics kill me.
guess what rüya means? :D
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Sharpen your over acting skills

Don't you just love it when there's a song that completely expresses how you feel about something or someone or your mood?

Well, this isn't one of those songs, but it's still a pretty cool one:

Murderdolls - Crash Crash

I'm at the end of my noose,
I've got nothing to loose.
I'm digging my own grave,
And thats the truth.
My self esteem is low and I'm so high,
And I dont give a fuck if I live or die.
Just bury me in my self pity,
Can't even get myself to talk to me.
I'd kill myself, but it wouldnt help,
Can't someone put me out of my misery?
I'm going down I was born to die.
I'm going down, now I'll say goodbye.

Crash Crash [x3]
It's a hit, it's a bang, it's a smash.
Crash Crash [x3]
It's a hit, it's a bang, it's a smash.

Throw in the towel its over for me,
I fell right out of the ugly tree.
I cross my heart and I hope I die,
But I sure fucking hope, if I even try.
To dumb to die, to smart to live,
Those are the choices that I'm left with
Eeny - Meeny - Miney - Mo
Bombs away motherfuckers here I go.

I'm going down I was born to die.
I'm going down, now I'll say goodbye

[chorus x2]
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